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Another new feature - blogs

You may have noticed the new Blogs menu item.  I will be making occasional posts about things happening with the web site and things that catch my eye in the local dance community.  What's fun for me is that you too can create blog posts.  You have to have an account, but otherwise it's pretty straightforward.  Visit the My Account menu in the left-hand menu and edit your profile to create a blog title under which your posts will appear (optional, but recommended) and then either click on Blog

More content (including classes!) and more features on the web site

A number of fun things have been happening with the OPD website over the last few weeks.  It has been our goal to make this a place to go for dance information on all kinds of dance and it's happening!  If you browse the upcoming events or calendar pages you will see tango events, contra dances, latin dances, zydeco and lots more.  In fact, the explosion of content was getting to a point where it looked like information overload was going to be a real problem, so I've added optional filters to the upcoming event and calendar pages so that you can just see a particular style o

Upcoming Dances