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CADECO Season Announcement from Karl Sebastian

By kenbarnettpt - Posted on 12 September 2012

Looks like another great schedule of Cajun and Zydeco music in Port Townsend this year!  Here's the low-down from Karl:

Hey Yall...

How ya been? Still movin'?  I hope so, and that you have good memories of past

Zydeco dances to tell stories about.

Welcome to the 2nd half of 2012 C/Z dance season!

This CADECO news letter is sent out with several repeated and random messages all circling C/Z to bring you up to beat... SO hang on here we go again.

For several years now Jeanette Wilson, Ken Sorbel, and I have been promoting, programing, and producing C/Z dances for YOUR enjoyment. No monies gathered goes to anyone except the bands and Grange organization. We, long ago, had a dream, goal, plan of someday bringing a motherland band to the PT CADECO dance group, while staying in the "black" ( financially self sufficient and accountable.) The motherland band has not happened, however we have promoted the Upstage efforts to bring Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble, Diki Du and Zydeco Krew, LeRoy Thomas and Zydeco Road Runners, and Zydeco father Jude Taylor with Zydeco Explosion. The club dance action is much different than the Grange . It has long been my belief that the Quimper Grange is the finest C/Z dance hall anywhere - next to Angelles or Whiskey River Landing or Slims, and that IF Geno Delafose, Brian Jack, or Preston Frank played the Quimper Grange. the universe would explode into  2 separate places! Also a belief I have is that C/Z, especially Z is an under-explored dance form that offers a vast spiritual, soul, mutual, connection basis with the same extreme importance of  all creditable mediation practices, yoga, and conscious bodyful/mindful community movement efforts, etc. The end product being; mutual respectful harmonious movement of Man with Woman. The fruit of which is the understanding that creative mutuality can be in effect on future days, in relation to others. NOT a small thing to know, do or be with others. So, realizing that most of us have the basic, Harold Guiloroy "Houston" step down I plan on brushing this (high end Zydeco info) all while presenting -FREE- basics to newcomers who we need to remain financially accountable this coming year.

I always ask anyone knowing the higher qualities of C/Z to bring a newbie, for two reasons: simply to share with others and added financial security / growth for our efforts.

There are many visual symbols of compatible energy exhibited during a C/Z dance.. $ .. is a part of it.

All the bands that play for YOU travel far and work hard for... YOU, and are the best of the Seattle / Puget Sound Area. Their fee is small, in comparison to what they give. They do it because they love it and want to pass the higher qualities to YOU. If YOU have a great time - well all the better!

 More on individual dance events as they come up.

This year's dance schedule is (all 4th Saturdays):

  • September: FOLICHON
  • October: WHOZYAMAMA
  • November: NEW IBERIANS
  • December: TBD
  • February: SWAMP SOUL  (to be confirmed)
  • March: FOLICHON
  • June: SWAMP SOUL  (to be confirmed)

Move around..... Zonya        Karloui

Upcoming Dances