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There are two gadgets that appear at the top of the Calendar and Upcoming pages that you can use to display events of a specific type (dance, class, meeting) or a dance style (swing, salsa, zydeco, etc.).  When you select one more entries from a gadget, only events that match the selected entry or entries will be displayed after the Apply button is clicked.  For example, if you select the class entry from the Event Type Filter gadget, only events that are classes will be displayed.  If you select multiple entries in one gadget, such as salsa and ballroom from the Dance Style Filter gadget, events related to either salsa or ballroom will be displayed (the event doesn't have to be related to both salsa and ballroom.)

You can select entries from one gadget, both gadgetsor neither.  If no entry in a gadget is selected, all of the events of that type will be listed.  If entries are selected from a single gadget, no filtering is done by the other gadget.  If entries from both gadgets are selected, an event will be displayed only if it matches both of the filter gadgets.  So, if you select dance from the Event Type Filter gadget and zydeco/cajun from the Dance Style Filter gadget, only zydeco/cajun dances will be displayed, not other types of dances or other styles of dance.

If it's related to dance in our area, absolutely!  Right now, use the contact link to let us know about the event.  Real soon now registered users will be able to post the events themselves - look for a notice.